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Saudi Electronic University (SEU) Case Study



  • Client Name: Expert Systems / Saudi Electronic University (SEU)
  • Location: Saudi Arabia



  • Implementing e-Courses for the Saudi E-University is the main part to achieve the university goals.
  • Since the Saudi E-University is designed to present a flexible and distinguished example of higher education, support self-learning skills, and to offer knowledge.
  • Offer higher education based on the best applications and technologies of e-learning, to transfer and localize knowledge.
  • Support the mission and the concept of lifelong e-learning and distance education for all members of Saudi society.
  • Offer accessible content that can be used anytime anywhere, that will lead to reduce both University, Teachers and Students operational expenses.
  • To have a modern attractive design.
  • To have a simple, user friendly e-learning courses for all kind of users.
  • Follow the best practice design-principles that achieve the course objectives clearly.
  • To have a user friendly package that is easy for student and teacher to navigate through.
  • Compatibility with vary types of LMS, operating systems, browsers including the latest smart phones tabs and laptops.
  • Utilizing different kinds of interactive techniques to enhance students capabilities.
  • Using different Evaluation techniques.
  • Reusability of e-Courses allows University teachers to make use of them several times.
  • Integration with Saudi Electronic University social media, with different levels of interactivity.
  • Sharable e-Courses deployed to the LMS, allows teachers, students and groups to interact simultaneously.

Our Approach



  • Gathering and building all required content that met university expectation.
  • Building Interactive activities with vary types of actions (Quiz, Audio, Video, Images…).
  • Instructional design, Developing a didactic scenario of learning activities and advising on using proper relative media.
  • Having a Subject matter expertise with a good knowledge of educational modelling Languages.


  • Adobe Captivate
  • eXe
  • Author ware
  • Articulate
  • Courselab


    • Project manager
    • Instructional Designer
    • Subject matter experts
    • Writer/Scriptwriter
    • Graphic Designer
    • e-Learning Programmer
    • e-Learning Developer
    • Sound engineer
    • Cameraman
    • Photographer
    • Testers
    • Editor/Reviewer
    • Steering committee
    • Project manager and coordinator
    • Subject matter experts
    • Professors
    • IT technicals

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