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IT Management Services



We specialize in affordable yet extensive technical support and IT services. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for technical and IT help desk functions. We bring technical proficiency, creativity, and the highest level of customer service to all clients, regardless of size or industry. Our comprehensive technical support services and solutions help to protect your often sizable investments in technology and ensure the continual operation and optimization of all devices within your organization.


Providing knowledge intensive technical support, help desk and call center services that can be delivered onsite or remotely. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical support. The support provided is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, desktop applications that run the office environment. Our support services allow clients to reduce their support cost. Majority of our staff members are engineers with all necessary technical certifications and have gone through extensive training in soft skills required for customer support. We can provide you with shared representatives or support personnel dedicated full time to your products. We work with every client to ensure that our representatives match closely with the needs of our client companies.

Our technical support services features include:

  • 24 x 7 integrated support through the telephone, email and chat
  • Intelligent knowledgebase FAQs and solutions database used for information and troubleshooting purposes
  • Service request management (the logging, prioritization, tracking, research, resolution or dispatch/escalation and follow-up of help desk cases)
  • Escalations procedure management through voice, paging, and e-mail.


Our Project Managers are available either as a stand-alone service or as a part of a fully managed service that can be deployed on site. They have extensive experience, allowing you to deliver your solutions in budget and on time, using well-defined, reliable, economical and adaptable processes. You can engage their services for as little or as long as you like, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Why our cloud computing?

The Cloud can quickly scale to thousands of servers to make resources available as they're needed and without the need to invest in network infrastructure, this provide agility and improves your ability to rapidly and inexpensively re-provision technological infrastructure resources on demand. Cost is reduced and capital expenditure is converted to operational expenditure as the pricing on a utility computing is based on needed usage. Maintenance of cloud computing applications are easier since they don't have to be installed on each server computer.

Project Manager's experience ranges from managing single-site projects for a few days to multi-site, multi-national projects lasting several months with big budgets. With experience levels from Intermediate to Master we have the right person for your project.


Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services guarantees high reliability, round-the-clock availability, remote manageability, and optimum scalability. Our domain expertise spans diverse set of systems and technologies.

Areas of Specializations

  • Data Center Operations
  • Infrastructure Application Management
  • Database Administration
  • Remote Managed Services
  • Desktop Operations-Desktop Lifecycle Management
  • Web Operations

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